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EVA's evaluation areas

We provide usable knowledge for society. The Danish Evaluation Institute, EVA, explores and develops the quality of early childhood education, primary and lower secondary, upper secondary education, higher education and adult education.

Early childhood education

EVA evaluates the work of day care and schools to develop the well-being, learning and language skills of children. We develop tools and communicate Scandinavian research for day care and local and central authorities.

Head of division: Dina Celia Madsen
D +45 30 29 06 84
E  dma@eva.dk

Primary and lower secondary

EVA creates knowledge on the quality of the Danish primary and lower secondary school. Analyzing and investigating teaching, school management and the transition to upper secondary education we publish evaluations, tools, inspiration catalogues and recommendations usable to schools and local and central authorities.  

Head of Division: Lise Tingleff Nielsen
D +45 20 72 49 17
E  ltn@eva.dk

Upper secondary education

Analyzing the upper secondary education system, EVA works to improve the quality of teaching methods, the ability to handle any new initiatives and to ensure succesful transition between lower secondary and upper secondary education.

Head of division:  Christina Laugesen
D +45 35 25 47 39
E chl@eva.dk

Higher education

Across universities, academies and other kinds of higher educations, EVA evaluates and investigates issues concerning teaching methods, student life and subject knowledge and other issues concerning the quality of the higher educational systems. 

Head of division: Bjarke Tarpgaard Hartkopf
D +45 21 79 57 21
E bhf@eva.dk  

Adult education

EVA evaluates how possibilities for adult education and further training are linked together and how they match the needs of the labour market.

Head of division: Bjarke Tarpgaard Hartkopf
D +45 21 79 57 21
E bhf@eva.dk

Understand the Danish educational system

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