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Strategy and work of EVA

Through evaluations, analyses and other tools, EVA contributes to improve the educational system and daycare for children. Our knowledge is used at all levels – by institutions and schools, and by municipalities and government ministries.         

Children in Denmark can look forward to spending important parts of their life time at various institutions of day care and education. EVA works within the wide field of the Danish educational system and contributes to evaluate and develop:

  • day care for children
  • primary and secondary school
  • upper secondary school 
  • higher educational institutions
  • education programs for adults 

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EVA’s mission is to improve education and daycare for children, young people and adults.


EVA’s vision is that all decision makers, leaders and professionals within daycare for children and the educational system use our products and services to enhance the quality of education and daycare for children.

Three strategic key action areas

Three strategic areas of focus will be a guideline in our work towards 2020:

  • We deliver knowledge-based solutions for future education and daycare
  • We deliver knowledge looking across different areas of the educational system
  • We are acknowledged and applied experts within our field of knowledge.

Understand the Danish educational system

Go to the website of The Ministry of Education to read more on the Danish educational system.